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Topline Roading Contracting-Training Initiative:  A Success Story!


Errol Kalmancsi Offending Recruitment Consultant (ORC) - Hawkes Bay, was involved in an initiative that was set up in October 2018, with EIT Hawkes Bay and Topline Contracting.
A Summary Of The Initiative -
Errol Kalmancsi ORC - Hawkes Bay, has been supporting a willing Māori employer, to get funding support to upskill and develop his staff members, who do not have the financial ability to do it themselves. Taurus Taurima, is the Managing Director of Topline Contracting Limited.
Taurus Taurima is an authentic Flaxmere-grown business owner of Ngāti Kahungunu descent. Taurus has been under the management of the Corrections in the past and has now turned his life around and is now the Owner/Operator of his own business. The kaupapa and the business culture of Topline Contracting, falls within the kaupapa of the Regional and Economic Development Strategy to support the engagement of Māori men who have experienced social exclusion and societal barriers and get them back into the workforce as valued employees. Taurus actively seeks possible employees from within the Department of Corrections.
Errol Kalmancsi ORC - Hawkes Bay, arranged a meeting with Taurus Taurima and CE for Ngati Kahungunu Chrissie Hape, to discuss the support that can be offered by the Iwi. Errol also arranged a further meeting with EIT Hawkes Bay, Head of Māori Studies and Training Scholarships, Tuhakia Keepa, Clint Whitewood, Tutor for Roading Infrastructure and Taurus Taurima. The purpose was to discuss an opportunity for vocational development to be made to the men at Topline on a part time basis and at no cost.
Further discussions with Iwi and EIT, led to a meeting with Todd Rogers, who is the Head of Trades and Technology. Todd advised that a decision was made to support on the job training for the men at Topline and this would fall free of any fee, under the Māori and Pasifica Trades Training Scholarships.
Todd Rogers advised that an Infrastructure Works Level 3 Certificate has been created, that will give all the necessary qualifications required for the industry. In addition a date was set for a mihi whakatau to occur at EIT on the 12th of November to welcome the tane of Topline into the course.
  • Topline Contracting advised that 12 of their men have completed and gained their NZ Certificate in Infrastructure Works Level 3. Nine of those men are Māori.
  • Topline currently have another 10 men going through the same programme and by the end of 2019, they plan to have all staff at Topline Trade Qualified.
  • This achievement is a huge accomplishment for each of the men and has a massive impact on their own mana within their whānau and what example it sets for their tamariki to follow.
A Graduation Ceremony
In recognition of their achievements, Taurus Taurima, Top Line Managing Director organised through the support of Flaxmere Councillor Henare O’Keefe,  a graduation ceremony at the Hastings District Council which took place Friday 9th August 2019. It was a privilege for Errol Kalmancsi ORC - Hawkes Bay and Chrissie Hape, Ngāti Kahungunu Chief Executive to have been invited to this special occasion.
Well done to everyone’s involvement. Thank you Taurus Taurima. You are a great example of how we can help eachother in our community!

Topline Roading Contracting-Training Initiative- A Success Story!

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