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Tēnā Koutou e te whānau;

Now is the time to strategically think about who we are going to elect for our representative to the Te Haaro Board on the Taiwhenua o Heretaunga Board. 

It is from this Board that we get our Chairperson to the NKII Board.  If we are looking at someone to be elected to this position, then we need to appoint the best rep., to the Te Haaro Board.  It is they along with other Taiwhenua Reps., who elect that Chairperson. 

Nōreira whānau - if you have an ideal person to nominate, kia kaha, kia tautoko, kia maia, kia eke!

Our elected Rep. needs to be aware of 'who is who' in the Ngāti Kahungūnu marae political world and be committed to our marae and whānau aspirations.  Ideally this person has had involvement in past hapū events and hui.

Ngahiwi Tomoana is the present Ngāti Kahungūnu Incorporation (NKII) chair.  It is time for hapū, and Iwi  to step up and replace his position!!!!  Remember his part in the "TE MATA" debacle?     Strategic Voting is important!  We need to work with other marae to ensure that the best person replaces his position....

Our Te Haaro representative at present, is Warren Hamlin.  He has willingly for the past 9 years, diligently attended, supported and reported back to the WMC at monthly meetings.  Should there be anyone else nominated for the position then he is willing to step aside and the election process will take place.  If there are no other nominations, then Warren will be willing to continue.  

The successful nominee will be expected to meet every month, attend governance workshops and play an active part on our behalf as a member of the Heretaunga Taiwhenua - at the same time be professionally, confidential to their Board.  


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