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Ngā Uri O Heretaunga

Titiro mai - Look here

Add as many videos as you wish here.  See below for instructions or

To add a video.

Sign up to YouTube and upload your video.

  1. Locate the video you’d like to add to your page on YouTube, look below the video for a Share button.
  2. Go to Embed button which is displayed directly below the Link URL.
  3. Click the Embed button, you will see the HTML code for embedding the video.
  4. Copy the code.

On this page

  1. Click onto insert/edit video icon in the menu.
  2. Paste your code using the embed tab or past the source URL in the general tab > source   OK
  3. Highlight your video: Then go Formats > Responsive Styles > Video Responsive

Formats > Responsive Styles > Video Responsive does work but you have to make sure you select your video so that your see a blue highlight over the entire image. You can do this by placing your cursor at the beginning of the paragraph below and dragging it up over the video until it turns blue.

  1. Alternative:  text or video, if that URL is down.
  2. Poster: When flash or HTML5 is not available. You get a image instead.
  3. Dimensions: You can control the dimensions of your video if you use insert/edit video icon. Select the video by just clicking on it until a blue line appears around it. If you alter this you won't be able to have the video responsive. 
Make the video responsive so that it reduces and enlarges to fit any screen size
  1.  Add class="video-responsive" to make the video responsive to fit different size screens

a.    Go to View/Source Code
b.    Paste class="video-responsive" after the iframe code and between the src=” code.
c.     SAVE PAGE

eg <iframe class="video-responsive" src=”” width=”330” height=”230” frameborder=”0” allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”></iframe>

Whakaahua - Photo Gallery

Easily add photos straight onto the page like the layouts below. 

Add a caption here.

Add a caption here.

Add a caption here.

Add a caption here.

Add a caption here.

For large quantities of images up to 200, use the 'Gallery module' as seen below. 

In the  gallery module, captions will have to be part of the image's file name. 

Upload photos 800x600px @72dpi 

Click on a thumbnail to get a larger image and its caption.

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